Private Howard B. Hicks

I've adopted the grave of Private Howard Benedict Hicks on the American War Cemetery in Margraten (The Netherlands).

Thanks to Private Hicks daughter Belle, I have now a picture of him (see below).

Do you have more information about Howard or pictures, you can contact me always via mail :

Howard was born on June 10th 1912 in New Haven, Nelson County, Kentucky, as son of Francis L. Hicks and Annie B. (Seward) Hicks.
He was married to Mary G. (Leake) Hicks and had a son Howard B., and 2 daughters Ann Marie and Bettie Lou (Belle).
Around 1944 he was living in Jefferson County, Kentucky. He was a cooper.

He died on November 28th 1944 in Immendorf or Beeck (near Geilenkirchen), Germany. As part of the US 279th Engineering Combat Battalion - Company C (for the 84th Division of the 9th US Army during Operation Clipper), Howard was helping deactiving minefields, when he stepped on a undetected mine. He was killed instantly.

His death of place Beeck was based on a document I have received from the Bardstown library via Facebook. I don't know who and when the story was created. See below for this story of Howard.
Recently I have received his IDPF with Report of Burial included. And that stated that Howard's death of place was Immendorf, Germany. Immendorf is only a few kilometers from Beeck. Probably this is the real place of death, but investigation will go on.

He was buried at the American War Cemetery in Margraten, in the South of The Netherlands, close to Maastricht.

Headstone inscription Margraten

Faces of Margraten 2016

Memorial Day 2016

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